Real answers about college...from the experts.

College Advantage Camp empowers students and parents to overcome fears of the college process.

Our research-based curriculum is specifically designed to equip college-bound students for the application and financial aid process. We deliver this content through high-energy experiential learning and individual coaching - this is NOT a boring lecture series.

I was so confused by the whole college process. I didn’t even know what questions to ask. Camp helped me to feel more confident and showed me how to get accepted and make the right choices.
— Michaela R. - Camper 2014
I went to college, but so much has changed! I had no idea how to help my son get through this process. Spencer came home from College Advantage Camp so excited to show me what he learned and planned. I am so relieved and grateful.
— Nathan T. - Parent 2014

College Readiness Curriculum

Through extensive research and collaboration with college professionals, we have created a curriculum that supports the reality of the college application process. Our expert trainers teach students to:

  • Understand "college fit" and make the right school choice
  • Develop a plan for financial aid
  • Identify potential majors and programs
  • Use online resources for college prep
  • Utilize test prep strategies and tools for ACT and SAT
  • Practice skills for successful college applications


Every camper walks away from the CAC with:

  • Certificate of completion
  • Personal statement for Common Application
  • Personal list of target colleges
  • Financial aid plan
  • Personal list of eligible scholarships
  • Community service – 4 hours on campus supporting Habitat for Humanity
  • College readiness resources
  • Tips for the SAT/ACT