We understand that many of you are trying to raise funds to attend this year's camp or help your students to do so.

Here are a few suggestions to find financial support for CAC tuition:

Grants -  Speak with your principal about school grants like Title funds, GEAR UP or TRIO partnerships, which can be spent to help support certain students.

PTO/PTA - The purpose of a PTO/PTA is to engage support for student success from families and the community. Consider presenting about the CAC at your school’s next PTO/PTA meeting. Bring students who are interested to tell their story and ask for help. 

Community Groups and Clubs - Ask community groups like churches, after school programs, sports clubs, or professional associations for support. Organizations like your local Rotary and Lion’s Clubs often help fund student development camps. 

Business Sponsorship - Help students write a letter to local businesses to ask for help. In the letter, students should state why they want to attend CAC, what happens at camp, when and where it takes place, and how they can help financially. Be very specific on the steps needed to send funds to the school.   

Websites - There are sites designed for you or a group of students to create a donation page and gather funding from the community. You can post information about CAC, why it is important for students to attend, and the amount your group needs to raise. Then you can send people the link for them to donate finds.  You can read some good tips for crowdfunding education efforts here.

Here are some links that our students have used successfully: